Shower Panel C78

Turn your ordinary shower into a home spa with a DomuStar™ shower panel. With features like a hand held shower, adjustable body massage jets, large top shower head and individual water controls, these advanced hydrotherapy panels make the standard shower head obsolete. Add other elements of design like shelves, mirrors and accessory compartments, and your shower not only gets a beauty facelift but also becomes more functional. Installation is easy with only a hot and cold water connect and fast mounting on wall-attached brackets. Choose from models made of aluminum, acrylic or stone and a variety of options for the right solution for your shower.

Product Specifications
  • Anodized aluminum body in satin finish
  • Self-cleaning 15cm shower head
  • Six adjustable body jets
  • Multifunction 12cm hand shower
  • Optional thermostatic control (C78T)
  • Individual water control diverters
  • Shower accessory shelf
  • Visible plumbing fixtures in chrome finish
  • Back-to-wall or corner installation
  • Back-to-wall installation
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